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Goals Review - August

September 3rd, 2008 at 04:51 pm

Wow, what a month. My wife's birthday in Boston wasn't cheap but worth it and everyone had a great time. Went on a mini vacation to New Hampshire with 2 other families and went Storyland (amusement park for little kids). Greatest part Ė no new debt!!!

So let's get started.

My goals for 2008 are:

1) Pay off debt (except mortgage) by October 1st
. DONE a) Pay off CC by April 1st
. DONE b) Pay off Car 1 by June 1st
. DONE c) Pay off Car 2 by Aug 1st
. DONE d) Pay off wifeís braces by June 1st
. e) Pay off sonís medical by October 1st
2) Invest $15,000 by year end
3) Invest $15,500 in 401(k)
DONE 4) Review and reallocate retirement funds by end of Q1
DONE 5) Will by end of Q2
DONE 6) Life Insurance by end of Q2
MOVED TO 2009 7) Save $4,000 for college by end of Q4

1) Pay off all debt but the mortgage by October 1st

Total Debt
08/31/2008 - $13,898 ($2,162 paid)

Wife's braces (0% interest rate)
08/31/2008 - $0 ($1,560 paid)

All paid off!!!

Son's medical (0% interest rate)
08/31/2008 - $13,898 ($602 paid)

And then there was one. Only on debt left!!! Not a bad month, I had some extra expenses I need to pay also, like preschool and life insurance policy on top of the fun money a mentioned above.

Next week, I am going to the Cape for vacation. I wouldn't get paid for that week from work. I figure I need to save about $350 from my next paycheck in order to be able to get through the week. I have a budget of about $500. The place is paid for. So, it's pretty much gas to get me there, miniature golf, maybe one a meal out, and some groceries. Maybe I should up it to $750. I'll need to go through the finally budget numbers with the wife.

2) Invest $15,000 by yearend

This goal will be started in Q4, only a month away. This is really just to top off my emergency fund.

3) Invest $15,500 in 401(k)

Invest $15,500 in 401(k)
08/31/2008 - $13,848 invested

I am thinking this goal will be accomplished with my 10/10 paycheck, then I'll go back to goal 2.

4) Review and reallocate retirement funds by end of Q1


5) Will by end of Q2


6) Life Insurance by end of Q2

DONE. Bill paid!!!!

7) Save $4,000 for college by end of Q4

I am actually moving this to my 2009 goals. The $18k goal will fully catch me up to where I think I need to be with the 529 plans. Basically, if I started saving $2k a year for each at birth.


So, this is the last month of the third quarter. I am still on track for the end of the year. I'll take another look this month at my 2009 goals and see what I need to do now to stay on track.

As an aside, you should have a will and life insurance policy. If you haven't done it yet, set it up as a Q4/Q1 goal. Being a man or a woman today means being responsible for your family. If you are gone, what happens to your family? If you and your spouse are gone what happens to your family or pets? Do you have enough money to take care of the house, children, college? Just do the right thing and get it done.

Also, Q4 is less then a month away. I have already started looking at budgeting for the holiday season.

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