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Don't call it a comeback

July 10th, 2008 at 09:58 am

So, June turn into July and I still have the blahs. The main reason is my debt snowball has stopped. Why? Well, I got hit with about $4,400 in medical bills from last August. (Just showing up now, come on!!)

I decided to just cashflow rather then add it to my debt snowball. So, it basically took me about a month to pay off, but Iíll complete this either this week or next week at the latest. So, logically I understand I am doing what I need to do and realalisticly this will throw me off a month. Whoopie, no big deal.

But my emotional side feels like Iíve been sucker punched to the gut. All my breath and forward momentum have been zapped.

I have reached my heartbreak hill.

But, itís that guy in the mirror who rides me like a rented mule and keeps me focused and going.

Mirror: Hey! Whatís going on?
Me: I donít know. Itís been a tough month. I was suppose to have the car paid off and the braces. Sigh, none of that happened.
Mirror: Murphy showed up right?
Me: Yea, the guy just comes around at the worst times.
Mirror: Yea, heís like that. He likes to throw you off your game. Shake you up.
Me: Yea I had a great pace and now I have to stop to clean up this crap that I thought was already taken care of. All my timeframes are shot. I am missing short term goals left and right. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!
Mirror: Youíve lost focus.
Me: What? No, well maybe.
Mirror: Should we scale back the goals?
Me: No, I think I need to just vent and let it out.
Mirror: You set now? ĎCause, I got work to do!

So as I turned and walked away, I swore I heard:

C'mon man
And with the local DBT news, LL Cool J with a triumphant comeback
but tonight...
Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
Listen to the bass go BOOM
Explosion, overpowerin
Over the competition, I'm towerin
Wreckin shop, when I drop these lyrics that'll make you call the cops
Don't you dare stare, you betta move
Don't ever compare
Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced

And with that Mr. Murphy:

Don't you call this a regular jam
I'm gonna rock this land
I'm gonna take this itty bitty world by storm
And I'm just gettin warm

6 Responses to “Don't call it a comeback”

  1. momcents Says:

    I, too, am somewhat histrionic with my financial fitness - my momentum seems to be bipolar lately- I make great progress clearing up things, then the bigger picture looms (like installment #2 of taxes, roof repairs, etc). My monthly picture has expanded to include the expenses through the end of the year. Factor in the slow paying tenant and it frustrates it even more - I have my A list of expenses and B list. It is SOOOOO tempting to use one of those convenience checks from the credit card to square everything away, but that is not my goal!

  2. Aleta Says:

    Merch: Couldn't you have paid the medical bill in monthly installments since you just found out about it? I know what you mean about medical bills coming back much later. There should be some kind of time limit on that type of thing.

    You have really done so well and have alot to be proud of. I can't believe how much you've accomplished. You have really been very focused and gazelle like as Dave Ramsey says. Good job! You'll knock it out in no time.

    Sometimes when I get in one of those down times, I get a financial book from the library and I manage to read something that gives me renewed interest in my finances.

  3. merch Says:

    You're right. I could have gone on monthly installments. But my other goal is no new debt. So, I would rather try to cashflow the debt rather then add to the snowball.

    But thanks for the encouragement.

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    I know, I know. Just found out about ANOTHER repair needed on that stupid condo in the UK. Condo expenses are going to set me back one, maybe two months in my debt payoff, and I ALREADY was projecting out to not be done with CC debt til February 2010. Now it's looking like April, unless I can pull some stuff out of my hat! At the same time, I've got my family very happy with the (more modest) quality of life we have, so I don't want to make them unhappy or wanting to rebel by being super strict and pulling spending money or grocery budget to put toward debt. I've got to keep them on my side, so if that means slowing down a bit, so be it!

    Well, swings and roundabouts, as my British man would say. I'm sure there are some nice windfalls coming that we're not aware of, just as we've been slammed left and right by unexpected impediments.

    Love the title though! Thinking about that song does cheer me up.

  5. annab Says:

    Ok, you get total points of awesomeness for quoting L.L. Big Grin

  6. boomeyers Says:

    Murphy sucks and he always finds me, no matter where I try to hide!
    Keep plugging on!

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