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Mid June Update

June 16th, 2008 at 07:30 am

A few posts I was comparing my journey to the Boston Marathon. I had just past the halfway point at Wellesley College and the cute coeds were cheering me on.

I had found my pace and was just cruising along and was about to hit a downhill stretch. That was May. And it was easy. I had to use different muscles but still not to bad. I was setting up June to pay off 2 debts and then BAM.

Right in front of me for the next 5 miles. Sit 4 long uphills. With Heartbreak Hill being the last.

Well June starts and I receive an email from a Hospital with about $7,000 bill. Eeek. I got the final bill over the weekend (Happy Fatherís Day!!!) for about $3,400.

Well no one said running a marathon would be easy. So, Iíll probably reduce the car fund and then pay off this bill. It basically throws my debt snowball off a month.

So, time to take a quick drink of water, make sure my laces are tight, and attack this hill.

I canít wait to get over these hills and then see the final 5 miles where a few nasty hills (my wifeís birthday party about $2k and a week off in September where I donít get paid) will test my resolve. After this hill, I just need to grind it out to the finish line.

As an aside, if this happened last year, this would have been more then an inconvenience. This would have completely deflated me and put me in one foul mood.

1 Responses to “Mid June Update”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Wow merch, I guess we really are running the same marathon...you're just so far ahead I couldn't see you!

    Sorry to hear about the medical bill, but glad to have you keeping me company--your positive attitude makes my journey that much easier.

    And GREAT point about what these bills would have meant to us 1 year ago! Annoyed instead of crushed is a great indicator of progress.

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