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Ceejay - Debt Sheets

April 24th, 2008 at 06:44 am

This post is mainly for Ceejay. Of course, if you feel inclined, please read on.

We all probably have a spreadsheet showing our debts and the like. Well, Iím no different. I have one sheet showing all my debts, the current amount I owe, and how much I have paid on a monthly basis.

I donít just use this sheet to record my payments to the debt, but I also use the sheet kind of as a scenario analysis tool. For instance, in March, I was coming up with different ways of using my tax refund and how that would change pay off dates. I also look at it to see if I am keeping around the same pace.

I usually play with this sheet every couple of days so I am very aware of how slight changes effect my overall goals. A little nerdy? A little anal? Maybe.

The next ones are the executive reports for the boss. As we all know, bosses donít have time for the details. They just want to now the bottomline and how we are progressing month to month. These big picture thinkers donít want to know how I swept the residual from an envelope on the 8th to add $28 to a car payment.

So the first report shows where we are now (it ties into my other sheet). And the following two show the monthly progression.

I have organized the reports to show Dave Ramseyís baby steps. It just gives a nice way to categorize the different goals.

So those are my sheets. (Notice how the executive ones are pretty, bosses like that.)

9 Responses to “Ceejay - Debt Sheets”

  1. Caoineag Says:

    I don't have any that look like your pretty ones but that first looks an awful lot like mine.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Nice, Merch! I'm glad to see you geek out in your own way, like I do. :-) Your "pretty" spreadsheet is very interesting; maybe when I have multiple goals in a year or two, I will adopt something similar. Right now it's all about paying down the credit cards, but once that's done I'll probably divide our extra income between saving up for kids, saving up for moving, paying off education & house debt early, maxing out retirement, and so on.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. merch Says:

    Oh yea, the dates are my goals when I hope to reach them.

  4. PauletteGoddard Says:

    I'll probably divide our extra income between saving up for kids, saving up for moving, paying off education & house debt early, maxing out retirement,
    That's where I am. How do people charting their progress on a spreadsheet stagger their goals? I see some overlap.

  5. merch Says:

    the first sheet is my data sheet. I enter all the data from my envelopes into those categories. I did soem analysis on the data sheet to come up with the goals on my first pretty spreadsheet.

  6. Petunia Says:

    Nice looking spreadsheets! Very easy to read, very clear that you know where you're going and how far you are in getting there. Thanks for sharing!

  7. ceejay74 Says:

    It's an important question, Paulette, and one that I haven't dealt with yet. Let me know if you find an answer!

    I would guess that you start with some desirable goal dates and amounts, work backward, see if it's doable, adjust your expectations, try again. I think I'd want to pursue all those goals at once, so if my financial circumstances change or worsen, at least I'll have something saved for each. But I'll cross that bridge later.

  8. merch Says:

    You got it Ceejay. I backed into those dates by trying different scenatios. The budget gives you your free cash flow. Take a little out for suprises and project the rest for your goals.

    When I started, I use to track to another sheet I called projections vs. actual. Since I play out scenarios on the data sheet about 3-4 times a week, I don't use that anymore.

    But as you can see, I am tracking times to multiple debt pay offs and 401(k) savings. If you prioritize your goals, it helps too.

  9. terri77 Says:

    Wow, you're so organized. I like just writing things out with pen and paper, but I'm very impressed with your spreadsheets.

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