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This Train is debt Free Bound ... All Aboard!!!

March 6th, 2008 at 10:35 am

Well, I think the wife’s back on board.

I also think that she believes I was right. I think it was a couple of things just coming to a head. Our son is getting baptized this weekend. So I need extra money for the church and we're having family over for brunch. Also, both my sons seem to be eating a lot lately and it has really put a strain on the $100 per week grocery budget.

I think the furniture (one step up from parents basement) was the last straw and the wife went a little crazy. So, looking back, I think it was more a comment about the stress.

As I said before, since I didn’t have to sleep in the guest room, I wasn’t in the wrong. And that’s all am going to say on that Big Grin

So next week things should get back to normal for her … and that means me too.

So what does this all mean? Well, right now I have some extra expenses that are coming up putting a little strain on the cashflow at the moment. My monthly budget is fine, just a short-term blip. So, I am going to steal from Paul to pay Mary. I’ll take some money out of my water bill envelope to pay some of these bills do this week and replace the money later in the month.

Hey, not perfect but I don’t have to take on new debt.

As an aside, Dave Ramsey actually said yesterday that in a certain case he would use a credit card. The only case he could see using a credit card was if the alternative was to borrow against your 401(k).


This article talks about a 401(k) debit card. Basically, you transfer the amount that you can get as a loan to a line of credit. You pay a set up fee plus 2.9% above prime. What a bargain.

Great idea … just great. So my stock portfolio is gone, my home equity is gone … Hey wait I got some money left in my 401(k). I need my “buy more expense stuff to jam in my house with an arm that will be foreclosed in 2 months” fix.

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