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Random Thoughts

March 18th, 2008 at 06:53 am

So, my wife has started her new job and she will be working 5-10 hours a week. Truth be told, this will probably last until June when the weather gets nice and then she’ll start working again in October.

Well, after her first day on the job, she was feeling all empowered and made the statement “Now that am working, you can stay home with the kids.”

I said “OK, to bring home what I bring home you would need to work over 100 hours a week.” She quickly calculated in her head that would be about 20 hours a day. I said or 14 hours if you work 7 days a week.

She then said “Never mind, you can continue to work.” I just kind of laughed to myself.

So my dream of staying home with the kids and watching ESPN will drinking beer and eating chips is still but a dream.

Shifting gears, I have been watching Dave Ramsey’s TV show at night lately, mainly because nothing else in on and I like to see him slam some of the people that call him. My wife usually sits on the couch next to me reading a book or magazine.

Well last night, I was watching some coverage about a little tourney coming up.

My wife goes “No Dave Ramsey tonight?” I was really stunned. I didn’t even know she listened to the show never mind enjoyed it.

Especially since she was complaining the other about needing more clothes the other week. Now for some perspective. We have a closet that’s 9x10 filled with some of her clothes and all of mine. Yes I do have about 5 feet of one wall. And she has a closet in the guest bedroom (not walk in but still big) and she has the entire coat closet. I think she may have boxes of clothes in the attic or basement but I’m not sure.

Since, watching Dave Ramsey, she hasn’t asked for money for new clothes or in general money for anything discretionary. She also is asking more questions about the budget and participating in it.

In fact, I never bring my lunch to work and always buy lunch, she said Dave Ramsey wouldn’t approve. Probably not, probably not.

3 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I've started watching Dave Ramsey. I love his show, except when he goes off on long tangents that seem to only apply to a certain constituency (like when he goes on and on about talking to a pastor, or that it's so great to tithe or keep your business closed on Sundays, or how marriages that start with cohabitation are 75% more likely to fail--as a non-Christian in a nontraditional family, I'm just glad for the DVR at that point! LOL). But his commonsense takes on money and how to get people out of scrapes are just great! Sometimes he can be so perceptive and glean something about a situation that the person hadn't thought to mention (or was trying to avoid mentioning). My partner watches it with me and she loves it too.

  2. treasureinheaven Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments. I struggle with the whole buying lunch at work thing. I really don't like eating at my desk, which is what happens when I pack my lunch from home. Oh well.

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    I take my lunch to work nearly every day. It does save me a lot of money, but my primary reason for doing so is that I have food allergies and making my own lunch is the best way to assure it won't cause me problems. I don't eat at my desk, but in a room out of the public view where several people gather to eat lunch and talk. Where I work, if I buy lunch out, I have to spend at least $5, which if I did that every work day would come to about $100 per month. Ouch. I make a pot of soup, bake some chicken, or pack some leftovers and an apple and I am good to go.

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